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Tips to Driving Safe in Dubai’s Winter Fog

People of Dubai wait for the summer to end so they can have relief from the scorching weather condition. However, when the season changes, the cold raises a new challenge, Dubai’s winter fog. The fog in Dubai especially during early hours limits the visibility and is responsible for increasing traffic accidents across Dubai. Even the professional drivers may feel helpless, when you are scared to either hit a car or get hit by one if not careful. In this article, we are going to talk about how to Drive Safely in Fog in Dubai so read on!

TIPS TO Drive Safely in Fog in Dubai

Car with fog on window
Driving in fog is dangerous and not recommended

Dubai’s winter fog is not to be taken lightly as during early morning hours and at night, the visibility could be significantly hampered.

The authorities in Dubai will often warn people of the foggy weather so you can take safety precautions with the help of our tips and drive safely.


Before you head out, it is a good practice to check weather updates. Sometimes local authorities will issue alerts as well. If there is a forecast for foggy weather, you should prepare yourself for the delays due to slow traffic accordingly.


Ideally you should cancel or delay your travelling plans during morning hours so fog can settle down. If its work you are worried about, make a phone call to your office to inform them prior of your late arrival.


Since your vision will be obstructed by fog, and as a first tip to Drive Safely in Fog in Dubai and everywhere, driving slowly is the only safe option. Rushing or tailgating other cars in such conditions will increase the probability of accidents, especially along the highway roads.

The speed of your vehicle should be slow enough to make an easy emergency brake. You can maintain the speed of your vehicle based on fog density, that is thicker the fog, slower the speed. 


Even if you are in a hurry, changing lanes on the foggy road will only increase the chances of accidents. Due to low visibility, you might not be able to see other cars passing through the other lane. Hence, stick to one lane and follow other vehicles slowly to avoid any mishaps.


If there are cars in front of you while surrounded by fog, maintaining safe distance should be a priority. Since accidents are a lot more common during the fog, you should keep yourself away from distractions and focus on the road.

Vehicles in front of you can pull up the brake suddenly in case of obstruction or accident. So maintain enough gap to overcome such situations.


Some vehicles are equipped with fog lights to increase visibility during thick fog. Rear fog lights are even better as it will guide and warn any upcoming vehicle as well.

If the vehicle lacks fog lights, don’t switch on the high beams. The high beam will reflect back from the fog to further reduce your visibility. Rather stick to driving slowly while maintaining wider gaps from other cars.


car windshield defogger
Use the car windshield defogger

In cold weather, the moisture inside car tends to condense as it hits the windows due to temperature difference. This can lead to foggy windows and obstruct your vision from the windshield.

The solution is to simply power up your car heater as hot air can hold more moisture. There are additional settings in most cars to direct hot air to the windshield, which can quickly clear up foggy windows.


You might think turning on the hazard lights in foggy weather will improve your chances of staying detected from upcoming cars. The hazard lights signal other drivers that your vehicle is motionless due to an accident or a breakdown. This can cause other cars to make an emergency brake in panic and create a chain reaction to get hit from the rear.


Inside a city like Dubai, dense fog can obstruct the view to the pedestrians and accidents can be life threatening. If you feel fog is too thick to proceed safely with a risk of hitting pedestrians, make a stop at a nearby patrol or service station. Take your time until the fog clears out before continuing your journey.

Dubai’s winter fog is unpredictable. At one moment you might find clear roads while in the next the highway is blanketed by thick fog. Normally, you will be warned by authorities via an SMS of dangerous weather conditions so you can plan ahead.

We hope you have taken advantage of our tips to Drive Safely in Fog in Dubai or anywhere else. Stay tuned to the First Cars Blog for more on car history, car facts and more.

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