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Interesting Facts about Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny has been popular among off-roaders for a long time. The Japanese automaker Suzuki has been manufacturing and marketing the four-wheel drive off-road mini-SUV since the 1970. However, the SUV has a global popularity for being a rugged, compact and vigorous utility vehicle. Let’s go through some interesting facts about Suzuki Jimny in detail.

Fun Facts about Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny room
The Suzuki Jimny room is a featured car model

Did you know that this small 2-door SUV that was initially built as a Japanese 4×4 Kei car? Thanks to its lightweight, low-range gearbox and transfer case, the SUV can do almost everything larger SUVs are capable of doing in addition to offering a better fuel economy. Following are some more interesting Suzuki Jimny facts.

50-year-old legacy

The Suzuki Jimny is the descendant of cars called the Light Jeep 10 or LJ10. The LJ10 were two stroke, inline twin engine powered, 359 CC, air-cooled cars. That said, by the time Jimny’s production started HMC was taken over by Suzuki in 1960. The first Jimny generation, LJ80 was powered by a robust 8000CC, four-stroke, inline four-cylinder engine in the 1970.

Unique Colour Options

When discussing the facts about Suzuki Jimny, the ones about its unique colours are really interesting. The SUV is offered in peppy, vibrant colours. Each with a purpose. For instance, the Kinetic Yellow allows the SUV to withstand adverse weather conditions such as dense fog and other difficult off-road conditions. Moreover, the jungle green colour is supposed to help the SUV merge in the surroundings.

Modern Amenities

Though the retro SUV has a half-century old legacy, it is no way behind when it comes to technological features. The SUV has a simple 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Other important features include climate control, USB audio and Bluetooth features, among others.

Kei Class Car

One of the coolest facts about Suzuki Jimny is that the auto manufacturer also makes a kei car version of it. Kei cars are a special class of car that only exist in Japan. These cars follow certain sizing and engine regulations, while the consumers are given a benefit of buying them at lower rates since the tax rates are significantly lower. For instance, the JB64, is a Jimny version that added smaller wheels, removed the fender flares and the protruding bumpers to make the SUV easy to manoeuvre and fuel-efficient.


Suzuki Jimny engine
The Suzuki Jimny has a small engine but is great for off-roading

Another interesting fact about the Suzuki Jimny is that the Kei version of the SUV is powered by a 1.5-litre, 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder engine. However, the small engine is capable of powering the SUV through rough off-road terrains. Moreover, the international version comes with extended flares and is powered by a larger 1.5-litre, i4 engine.

Simple and Well-Equipped

The Suzuki Jimny’s interior is simple yet well-equipped. The SUV has heated seats and the interior is refreshing. The speedometer and tachometer are placed in a pair of old school gauge pods. In the middle, there is a small monochrome display.

The old-school SUV uses a simple infotainment system with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as default. Then, there are three knobs for air conditioning, and some buttons to control different functions.

Head Turner

Other cool facts about Suzuki Jimny are about its overall look. When the current version of Suzuki Jimny was launched it received a lot of praise for the way it was styled. In addition to the peppy colours, other cool touches include the squareness and uprightness of everything, round headlights, the spare tyre, the bumper-mounted taillights, and the alloy wheels (optional). All these features made the Suzuki Jimny an attractive, head-turner.

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