All about Hatta Taxi in Dubai

Hatta taxi is one of the various transportation efforts in the UAE to make commuting easier for the residents. While this taxi service specifically benefits the people of Hatta, it also offers transportation to and from Dubai. From fare and routes to booking and other services, here is all you need to know about Hatta taxi in Dubai.


hilux hatta taxi
RTA Hatta taxi service is an upgrade on the town’s transit system

The service offers a safe and convenient transport option to the residents commuting to the neighboring areas as well as the tourists visiting for its archaeological and historical attractions. 

With 30 taxis in the fleet, the service covers different pick-up points in Hatta and Dubai. The service is likely to expand in future if the response is positive and demand arises. Let us delve deeper into the various features offered by the RTA Hatta taxi Dubai. 


A total of 30 vehicles run across Dubai and Hatta currently. Also, 4×4 pick-ups are now also added to the fleet. Toyota Hilux pickups are being used for this purpose. The idea is to accommodate families and people going for picnics or exploring the famous Mountain Town. 

Toyota Hilux pickups are added to the Hatta taxi fleet to accommodate families and people going for picnics or exploring the famous Mountain Town

These vehicles have space for 4 passengers and ample space to fit picnic and hiking gear such as bicycles and other equipment. If you would like one for personal use, check out these used Toyota Hilux for sale. 


There are various stop points for Hatta taxis across Dubai and Hatta. These include: 

  • Sabkha Bus station, Dubai 
  • Al Aweer Fruit and Vegetable Market, Dubai

Residents of Hatta can hail a ride from the streets or contact the dispatch centre to book a taxi. In addition to offering convenient transportation services in Hatta, the taxi has improved public transportation in Dubai.


The Dubai Hatta Taxi fare is AED 25 per passenger. Each taxi can carry 4 passengers and once 4 passengers are seated, the taxi driver will contact the RTA dispatch centre to start metre at AED 100. The per kilometer metre rate is AED 1.91. 

The cab has a capacity of seating 7 passengers and if there is ample space, the vehicle may be shared at AED 25 per head. Moreover, if you want to ride the taxi in privacy, you can hire it exclusively but at a higher rate. 

Hatta residents are entitled to a 50% discount on the total fare. 


The RTA Hatta taxi booking can be done via the taxi dispatch system. You can call them at Hatta taxi number, 04-208 0808. Moreover, you may also catch one of these taxis from the street. Also, check out these different ways of booking an RTA taxi in Dubai.

This is all about Hatta taxi in the UAE. This taxi service was launched considering the need and demand of a proper commuting option to and from the town. While it is an excellent option for many, those who prefer to travel more privately can always check out these used cars for sale in Dubai to travel to and from Hatta. 

For more information on different types of taxis operating in Dubai, stay tuned to the First Cars Blog

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