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Car Parking in KhorFakkan 2023 .. Timings and Fees

The United Arab Emirates seeks to facilitate all procedures for its residents and visitors, so it has introduced several systems to reduce traffic congestion, for example, the parking system in Ajman and other emirates. Recently, the Municipality of Khorfakkan announced the parking fee system in Khorfakkan 2023. We dedicate this article to talk about the details of Khorfakkan parking in general, including Khorfakkan parking times in addition to Khorfakkan parking fees and more.

Cars Paid Parking in Khorfakkan 2023

Parking fees will be charged to vehicles at Sheikh Khaled Street, Al Rafisah Dam, KhorFakkan Corniche, and Shees Park, according to the Khorfakkan City Municipality. The parking fees will be in effect daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, with the exception of Sheikh Khalid Street. On Fridays, however, parking on Sheikh Khalid Street will continue to be free.

Khorfakkan Parking Fees

here’s the parking in Khorfakkan fees 2023:

  • 1 Hour: AED 2
  • 2 Hours: AED 5
  • 3 Hours: AED 8
  • 5 Hours: AED 12

How To Pay

By selecting “pay” on one of the surrounding smart machines, you can pay for parking at the well-known location. To use the smart machine for payment, follow these steps:

  • Choose the the emirate’s plate source
  • Data will be given to you; read it
  • Choose the preferred parking time
  • Select the payment method
  • You will receive an e-ticket with information once you click on the preferred payment method
  • If an alert notifying you that the electronic ticket is not available instead of the actual ticket appears, print the alert and post it outside your car

That is all about car parking in Khorfakkan 2023 the new system. In order to prevent people from parking in the middle of busy streets or roads, parking fees are implemented at popular locations.

Stay tuned to First Cars Blog for more on parking charges and free parking in different Emirates.

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