Mercedes-Benz A Class 2020

Review: Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2020


The 2020 Mercedes-Benz Class A has combined aesthetics with practicality and efficiency. The smart aerodynamic design shows ambition. This A-class passenger vehicle comes as a sedan as well as a hatchback. There are slight differences in the designs, but both offer quality performance.

The base trims have an Available in 10 different colors, the car offers good looks and options along with comfort and speed. Staying true to the standards, the brand is famous for, Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2020 offers a variety of driving modes including sports, comfort, individual and eco allowing you to drive conveniently as per your desire. Laced with the most advanced technology, the vehicle brings car functions at your fingertips.

  • Engine: 4-cylinder 1.3L RWD, 4-cylinder 2.0L RWD, 4-cylinder 4MATIC AWD
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Doors: 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback
  • Number of Variants: 7
  • Number of Colors: 10
  • Seating Capacity: 4 to 5 passengers
  • Starting Price: AED 161,700
  • Fuel Capacity: 13.32 liter
  • Dimensions:

L- 4549 mm, W- 1991 mm, H- 1446 mm (sedan)

L- 4419 mm, W- 1992 mm, H- 1440 mm (hatchback)

  • Weight: 1925 kg


The hatchback Mercedes-Benz
2020 Mercedes-Benz hatchback model

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz is available in different trims. The base model, as well as the AMG variants, come in both sedan and hatchback versions. The progressive models have an RWD engine while the AMG models are equipped with a 4MATIC, turbocharged, AWD engine.

Here is a brief breakdown of all the 2020 class A Mercedes-Benz models:


  • A-Class 200 1.3L – AED 164,850
  • A-Class 250 2.0L – AED 207,900
  • A-Class 35 AMG 4MATIC 2.0L – AED 245,175


  • A-Class 200 1.3L – AED 161,700
  • A-Class 250 2.0L – AED 199,500
  • A-Class 35 AMG 4MATIC 2.0L – AED 240,450
  • A-Class 45 S AMG 4MATIC 2.0L -AED 328,650


Whether you go for the 4-seater sedan or the 5 seater hatchback, Mercedes-Benz 2020 class A delivers excellence in terms of its design. Based on the classic yet charming 3-box car model, the sedan has a longer body than its hatchback counterpart. The base models come with xenon headlights. However, the AMG turbo trims sport LED headlights to complete their ravishing look.

A sloping front streamlines the sedan to move smoothly against the flow. Meanwhile, the panoramic sliding sunroof, 17” to 19” alloy rims and a stylishly built rear with impressive LED taillights make the car stand out among the rest.


Both the 2020 A-class sedan and hatchback models offer a comfortable and luxurious wrap-around interior design. While the straightforward yet charming exterior of the model leaves customers in admiration, the inside of this car ensures a pleasant journey with its smart layout.

The spacious cabin with ample legroom and leather seats with automatic control provide a rich experience to the drivers and the passengers alike. Furthermore, the sports steering wheel is leather-bound to offer style and easy usage. The A-class comes with a 7” wide display screen allowing you easy control over the car functions. Ambient illumination is another notable feature of this model that puts every car part in the right light.


Mercedes-Benz Class A 2020 offers ample storage space. The sedan model is especially notable in this regard. With a longer body than its hatchback sibling, the car offers a good 60 gallon more storage space to the users.


With a variety of driving modes and engine options, Mercedes-Benz A-class 2020 delivers excellence in terms of performance. The car comes with 4 different driving options including sport, eco, comfort and individual. The sport mode allows you to drive dynamically at great speeds. When you select eco, the car minimizes the overall carbon footprint with efficient fuel usage and minimum energy consumption as the seat heating and cooling systems are set to reduced outputs. On the other hand, comfort is the basic setting for a smooth drive. Finally, the individual mode allows you to customize control as per your preferences.

The performance difference across different trims is due to engine variations. The AWD automatic transmission of the base models offers an average horsepower and torque while the turbocharged RWD engine of the higher trims is more ambitious and rigorous.

VariantsEngineHorsepowerTorqueTransmissionFuel System
A-Class 200 1.3L (Sedan)1.3 L, AWD, rear-wheel163 hp250 Nm7 Speed Automatic Dual ClutchPetrol
A-Class 200 1.3L (Hatchback) 120 hp
A-Class 250 2.0L (Sedan)2.0 L, AWD, rear-wheel224 hp400 Nm
A-Class 250 2.0L (Hatchback) 165 hp
A-Class 35 AMG (Sedan)A-Class 35 AMG (Hatchback)2.0L, RWD,4MATIC,Turbocharged, all-wheel225 hp350 Nm
A-Class 45 S AMG (Hatchback)381 hp475 Nm8 Speed Automatic Dual Clutch

The 0 to 100 km/h speed also differs across the various variants. The 0 to 100 accelerations for the base models is 6.2 km/h while the AMG turbocharged trims go 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.7 seconds.


Mercedes-Benz Class-A 2020 offers decent fuel efficiency. However, the range of efficiency depends on the engine type. The A-class 200 consumes 5.4 to 5.2 litres fuel per 100 km while the A 250 has a fuel consumption of 6.5 to 6.2 l/100km. On the other hand, the AMG turbocharged trims have a higher combined fuel consumption of around 15.4 l/100km. 


With its over the top tech features, the car also ensures a safe drive thanks to its numerous safety features. Apart from the common safety features, it has specialized systems to help you drive without worrying much about the road hazards. Drive-Assist keeps the car from a forward collision, provides lane-keeping assist, Blind Spot Alert and offers Driver Attention Detection. Other advanced safety functions in the car include Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS), Parking Camera and Sensors for secure car parking and an alerting system for speed control.

Some other notable car safety features in this vehicle are:

  • Traction control system
  • Electronic stability control (ESC
  • Auto-adjust high beam (AHB)
  • Anti-Anti-locking system (ABS)
  • Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
  • Brake assist (BA)
  • Active brake assist (BA
  • Hill assist
  • Electric steering assist,


Mercedes-Benz has done an amazing job in the tech & connectivity department of their A-class fleet. In addition to all the basic technical options, the car offers the new futuristic Mercedes-Benz User Experience aka MBUX. These features allow your car to identify your favourite songs, the route to your workplace and recognize your voice. It will tune in to the right radio station and figure out the best route to your destination.

Other features include an easy to navigate 7” display screen accessible via touchpad, touchscreen and even the steering wheel. Car vitals are on display in the driver’s line of vision thanks to the display screen. You can integrate your smartphone in your car system and control it through it.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2020 offers a practical yet pleasing design that retains the classic charm this brand is famous for. Apart from design, the car is a success in providing options to the users. Available in different trims, colors in two body types – sedan and hatchback, the vehicle offers you variety. Moreover, each trim is equipped with 4 different driving modes to make your journey on the road comfortable and smooth.

Another distinguishing feature of this model is the smart usage of the latest technology. The MBUX system with its impressive integration of AI offers a futuristic experience to the drivers. Furthermore, the vehicle has some of the most refined technology and safety features in the automobile industry. Road detection, Blind Spot feature, front & rear cameras and selective lighting on the roads keep the car and its passengers safe. Overall, this class of Mercedes-Benz offers style and luxury without compromising on the performance.

FAQS ABOUT Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2020

Is Mercedes A-class better than C class?

In the Mercedes-Benz A-Class vs C-Class debate, there is no clear winner. There are strengths on both sides. The A-Class is efficient, cost-effective, and impressively techy. On the other hand, the C-Class offers a variety of features and has stronger engines. You must choose as per your needs.

How many miles does Mercedes A-class last?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long would an A-class Mercedes last. It mostly depends on car maintenance. Sometimes, due to rough usage or a manufacturing fault, a Mercedes may run into trouble even at 50,000 miles. However, most models reach well above 200,000 miles.

What’s the difference between Mercedes AMG and Mercedes Benz?

While all the Mercedes vehicles come under the Mercedes-Benz hood, the AMG is its performance trim. AMG automobiles differ from other Mercedes-Benz models as they are tuned in a certain manner and are upgraded with power adders such as turbocharged engines for A-class Mercedes. are tuned in a specific way and upgraded for additional power.

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