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RTA Nol Card .. Balance Check and Recharge

NOL cards are smart cards that make payment of all the public transportation options in Dubai convenient. You can use your nol card to use the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, RTA Taxi, buses and marine mode of transportation. You can also use the nol card for paying parking fees in Dubai.

With the help of this smart card, you don’t have to always carry cash to travel in different public transportation options. However, one must always be sure about the balance left on their card to avoid any inconvenience. Let’s get into the details on nol card balance check methods.

Nol card balance check

Nol Cards
You can check nol card balance online through the RTA website or the RTA Dubai app

Keep checking your nol card balance to see if it requires a recharge, as your nol card balance must have a minimum of AED 7.50.

Check the nol card balance on the website

you can balance check nol card simply by following these steps:

  1. Visit RTA Official Website
  2. Click on “Check NOL Balance”
  3. Insert your nol card TAG ID (Visible on the backside of your nol card along with the security code)
  4. Click on ‘Search’.

Nol card balance check app

For nol card balance checking online, you can check nol card balance with RTA Dubai app also, following these steps:

  1. Download the RTA Dubai app. (Android | Apple)
  2. Log in with your RTA user ID and password.
  3. Click on “Check Nol Balance” then proceed.
  4. Enter your nol Tag ID and click on the view balance option.

Recharge Nol Card

If the balance in your card is not sufficient you can pay online via the RTA Dubai website or app and add credits to your nol card balance, you can also simply use the top-up facility. You can top up your RTA nol card balance at the ticket vending machines or offices located inside all the metro stations and bus stations in Dubai.

All you need to do is place the card on the card reader. Next, select the top-up option and enter the top-up amount. Once entered, keep your nol card on the card reader for six seconds and your balance will get topped up instantly.

For ticket office machines, give your nol card to the station agent and inform them about the top-up amount. Make the payment and the agent will top up your nol card balance instantly.

Moreover, you can top up nol card balance with the bus solar-powered machines installed at a few selected bus stops. Just place your nol card on the card reader, select top-up service, enter the top-up amount and complete the payment in cash. You can also top up your nol card with the S’hail app.

That’s it, nol card balance check methods are pretty simple. All you need to do is log on to RTA’s official website or use the RTA Dubai app. If you find this guide useful, visit First Cars Blog.

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