The Ayn Khor waterfalls in Salalah promotes a heavenly view of nature

10 Best Things to Do in Salalah, Oman

Salalah, Oman is the second-largest city in Oman, and the biggest city in Dhofar, it is also the Arab Peninsula’s biggest seaport.

The Omani City of Salalah is popular for its monsoon festival known as Khareef. For the festival, Salalah turns green, attracting visitors from different parts of the world. Additionally, there is much more to this beautiful gem of a city. From natural beauty, lush green avenues, architectural wonders and amazing beaches.

The Best Things To do In Salalah City

Natural greenery, clear blue water and people boating is a common sight in Salalah
Salalah countryside is at its best during the rainfall season

Towards the north, Salalah is encircled by a mountain range that turns green with mighty waterfalls during the Khareef season. Towards the south, Salalah has a long stretching beautiful coast embroidered with white sands.

Following are some of the popular activities to do and places to visit in Salalah Oman:

Al Mughsail Beach

A beautiful sight of Al Mughsail Beach in Salalah, Dhofar
Al Mughsail Beach is an unforgettable vision for the eyes

Situated in Southern Oman, Al Mughsail is a sight to behold. You will discover beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters on this famous beach of Salalah. Moreover, the green mountains surrounding the Al Mughsail Beach makes it more attractive.

Al Marneef Cave

Located near Al Mughsail Beach, the Marneef Cave in Salalah gives an amazing view of the beaches and blowholes

The blowholes and fountains visible through the cave are known as Al Marneef Blowholes or Al Mughsail Blowholes or Fountains. These holes in the ground are basically sea caves, through which the beach waters splash out

Moreover, you can sit on the various beaches in the cave and enjoy the serene green mountains surrounding Al Marneef Cave.

The blowholes, the white sandy beach, the magnificent mountain and the deep cave make Al Marneef Cave the perfect escape for all nature lovers.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Salalah is also popular among tourists for its famous Sultan Qaboos mosque. The mosque is an architectural wonder,located in the centre of the city.Sultan Qaboos mosque has two domes, and two tall minarets, that are white in colour, adorned with golden shapes.

the interior of the mosque is decorated with lovely lanterns and chandeliers. There are unique patterns engraved on the walls and the floor is covered with green rugs.

Taqah Castle

View of Taqah Castle situated in Oman’s Dhofar region
The Taqah Castle is among the most beautiful castles in Oman

This beautiful castle is one of the most popular castles in the Dhofar Region. Taqah Castle was the residence of the tribal leader, Sheikh Ali Bin Taman Al Ma’shani.

Taqah Castle features many museums and therefore, it is among the popular places to visit in Salalah. These museums exhibit weapons and tools used in the ancient time of Oman.. In addition to its architectural design, ancient history and beautiful plantation, the castle offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset from that point.

Salalah Festival

The Salalah Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Oman and it’s the time when the city of Salalah attracts a myriad of tourists.

The Salalah Festival happens every year from July to September. It takes place when the city’s temperature drops down to 23 degrees C. The low temperatures make up for lots of rain transforming Salalah into a completely green area.

For this festival, the locals prepare cultural and traditional shows to celebrate the Khareef monsoon season

Take a Boat Trip

When it comes to activities to do in Salalah, boating should be on the list. Take a trip in a local wooden boat in Oman to indulge yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Oman, the beautiful mountains in the surroundings and the various white sandy beaches of Salalah. Both, short and long boat trips, offer matchless experiences, enabling you to relax and experience the natural beauty of the Dhofar region.

Al Balid Archeological Site

Located on the Sea of Oman near Al Husn Palace and Salalah’s famous Haffa Souq is the Al Balid open archaeological site. This site is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Al Balid was a widely known ancient city in Salalah.

Enjoy Salalah’s Coconut Drink

Refreshing coconut drink served on a table
Enjoying Salalah’s refreshing coconut drink is a must-do in Oman

There are many local shops almost everywhere in Salalah near the roads and beaches. When it comes to activities to do in Salalah trying out the city’s famous coconut drink is a must. You will also find many natural fruit juices, but coconut drinks are more popular These refreshing drinks are served in the coconut’s shell itself.

Sumhuram/ Khor Rori

Khor Rori, also known as Sumhuram is a famous archaeological site of Salalah. This fortified town dates back to the Hadramawt Empire of the 1st century CE. According to some sources, it is believed that the site was founded to control the profitable Frankincense trade of Dhofar.

Khor Rori is also popular for being the Frankincense exporting port in Dhofar in the past. The unique site of Sumhuram gives tourists an overview of the ancient town, what’s more, is that you can explore the clear blue waters of the Sea of Oman from this must-visit attraction.

Haffa Souq

Haffa Souq also known as Al Haffa Souq is a traditional market nestled between coconut trees on Sultan Qaboos Street in Salalah. This is Oman’s second-largest open-air market that offers several types of products. From Dhofari Frankincense to perfumes, different kinds of magnets, traditional Omani clothes and other souvenirs, you will find a lot of local stuff

Haffa Beach

Haffa Beach is among the popular beaches of the city. The picturesque, white sand beach is located in the middle of the city. It offers amazing views of the Arabian Sea from the beach’s shore. Other activities include bird watching, kite flying, playing with your kids and building sandcastles among others.

Those are the best things to do in Salalah, Oman. Please maintain a checklist and tick on each of the activities and places mentioned above to make your trip worthwhile. If you are going to Salalah by road from Dubai, make sure you travel in a well-maintained car.

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